【Guesthouse UTOJUKU】

Our guest house is located on the western edge of the Goto Islands in Japan.

Guesthouse Utojuku

You can experience a fun, exciting time with our hospitality.

The Goto islands are stretched out between 140 big and small islands that are located at the western-most part of Japan.
The floating islands are surrounded by calm climates and beautiful sees.
Goto’s industry is very prosperous due to it’s utilization of it’s warm climates.
Tubaki oil and “Goto Udon” are known for it’s famous in Goto.
☆Goto is very famous for it’s Tubaki oil and “Goto Udon”.
We can assure you by staying in the guesthouse, you can enjoy natural scenery to the extent where you can call this island as if it was your own home/birthplace(?).

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Even by walking, you can sight see places within Goto City.  The guesthouse is conveniently located at the heart of Goto City and is accessible by 10 minutes by foot.

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